Short barrel semi-auto vs. Long barrel semi-auto


future firearms designer
They just came out with short-barrel semi-auto p90s. Is it worth getting a short-barrel semi-auto and losing accuracy vs. getting a long barrel and gaining better accuracy?

Guess it depends how you are using your gun.

For a carry gun, short can be easier to conceal. In a panic deadly force situation the accuracy is more the shooter then the gun. With minor motor skills and depth perception shuttng down on a physiological level, the gun will be more accurate then you can be.

If you are target shooting, hunting, or other types of shooting then the longer barrel will give you more velocity, and i think a flatter shot.
In most situations 21 feet is the normal self defence distance, and at that distance short and long barrels both work. There are exceptions, I know my Springfield XDm long barrel is more accurate than my short barrel Kel-Tec, but the Kel-Tec is more comfortable.
Last Saturday I was mowing fields on the back of the farm and a coyote came out in front of me at about 70 yards.
I drew my Kel-Tec aimed right above his back over his front shoulder and fired. I kicked up dirt right in front of his chest, I think the Springfield would have done a better job.
Don't know about that particular gun but I carry a HK P200SK and it is quite accurate. Not much difference between it and some of my longer barreled autos especially at the shorter distances that I would most likely need to use it.
Barrel length has little or nothing to do with accuracy. Longer length means the shooter has a longer sight plane which makes the shooter more accurate, but not the gun. Quality has a lot to do with accuracy. "Super Shooters" like Bob Munden and Jerry Michulik Can consistently hit targets at at 100 to 200 even 300 yards with snub nose 38 spl. revolvers. At self defense ranges barrel length insignificant. Short barrels conceal and carry much better.
Curious, your monicer is "Future arms designer" and you are asking US this question?? :unsure:

Agree with most in SD situations accuracy is not as much an issue. For hunting etc., accuracy then matters. :yu:
Ballistically, you lose velocity / muzzle energy with the shorter barrel - just basic physics. HOWEVER, not sure a BG is going to be more impressed if you hit them with 330 flbs versus 300 flbs. :pleasantry:

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