Shooting that Could Easily Have Been Prevented

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A couple of basic safety rules violated here--sad results, but of course it sounds like the gun fired itself . . .
Another reason I'm all for educating anyone I can get to listen to me about firearms safety.

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SANDY - A man was shot and killed in a Sandy condo on Wednesday evening, in an incident police treated as an accident.

The shooting occurred near 9100 South and 700 West. The condo was vacant but officials said the previous tenants left belongings, including some firearms.

Two workers from a cleaning service, a male and female, entered and began removing the items from the condo.

As the woman picked up one of the shotguns and began carrying it outside, the gun suddenly fired and shot the man in the stomach.

The man was airlifted to University of Utah hospital where he later died.

Police do not suspect foul play. They caution people not to touch guns without having prior firearm training.

“If you find firearms in the field, please don’t touch them. Accidents can happen so quickly and change someone’s life,” said Sgt. Victor Quezada of the Sandy Police Department.

Yes the gun fired itself, with the help of a finger on the trigger. Another question comes to mind is who moves out and leaves fire arms behind?
Unless there's a terrible defect with the firing assembly where it applies force suddenly when uprighted, she definitely grabbed it and touched the trigger, and is now using the "Oops! Mistake!" excuse.
Perfect illustration of "ignorance vs. carelessness". In thls case it appears that "ignorance" applies because the lady didn't know how to safely handle firearms.

I would say even the most ignorant, untrained person knows what pulling the trigger does.
It is common knowledge to carry a firearm with your finger off the trigger, and keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, or not even touch it if you don't know what you're doing. I think I would have called police in that situation, it's quite odd that someone just left a shotgun in a room, first thing I would think is: murder weapon.

Still, I pray for the lady and the victim. This is a tragic mistake.
Very sad and a little odd. It does, however, appear to be an unfortunate accident.
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that's really too bad. would have to think that the people who moved out and left firearms were criminals of some kind. my firearms would be one of the first things that would be taken to my new place...
My now deceased brotherinlaw had an itheca 12 that was knocked over and fired and hit me.Not good Thanksgiving day 1966.I understand most shotguns will fire if they fall on butt hard enough.
This is very sad indeed, how ever like most have stated. My guns would have been the first to go in a move. Most go with me even when I travel. Second I would look in to it if guns were left something is fishy. But the bottom line someone is dead and someone has to live with it. Such an unnecessary lost of life. And as always it will be the guns fault. Lets pray for the families.

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