Shooting range question

I don't want you at my range

I just want to know if there is some law, because if not I will tell them to fuck off and just carry it in there like I want to b/c I have a permit anyways.

You can be refused admission to a range if you don't follow range rules, then you can carry "it" somewhere else.

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Basic range etiquette is that when the range is called 'Cold', ALL firearms are made safe, left with the action open and any magazines removed and are not handled again until everyone is back behind the firing line.


Because that way EVERYBODY knows they aren't about to walk down in front of a loaded gun.

I'd suggest getting the 'I gotta CCW' chip off your shoulder and get with their safety program if you want to shoot there. If you don't, then shoot someplace more to your liking.
Range rules are a PITA, but are put in place to protect the owners from liability resulting from actions of the dumbest SOB to walk in the door. Nobody likes to be treated like a 1st grader. But that's the way it works. Hate it. Range rangers get nasty because of all the dopey bastards they have to deal with.

That's why I joined a private shooting club where everybody I've run across is responsible, courteous and safe. Everyone is basically self-governed and there aren't thousands of signs posted on every tree and post telling you what not to do.

I did the math and realized I would probably spends less in dues than I would at public ranges by the hour - and I do. Expenses are kept down by members chipping in and doing various upkeep and maintenance tasks. More than happy to chip in.
:pleasantry: ive been to many ranges throughout the years and the rules are basically the same. when the range is 'cold' the weapon must be unloaded, action open, magazione out, no handling of the weapon until the range is declared 'hot'. would you like to be downrange when some person accidentally fires one off? however as with all things there is always someone who likes to show off his(her) power and if this particular rangemaster is one of those find another range. you might also consider a firearms safety class or a refresher class. i live (for now) in a small town 60 miles west of spokane wa and a local farmer lets me shoot on his land free. even still by myself or with my boss(wife) i try to be safety concious at all times. good luck an safe shooting
Bottom line is if its a privately owned range, as most are, you must follow ther rules, or go somewhere else, I'm lucky we have 5 indoor ranges within 30 miles from home and two outdoor places one outdoor place is great you pay your yearly dues, they give you a key and the only rules are clean the place up when your done, and don't shoot nobody, but this place is a ways away and really out in the middle of nowhere, the other outside place is run by the state, its a great place to shoot about 10 mins from the house and cheap $5 for 2+ hrs free targets there crap targets but who cares, the problem is the RSOs are all volunteer, most are good guys and they all just want to run a safe range I have no issue with that at all, but there is a couple of RSOs that really get into telling other people what to do, still no problem with that, what the issue is that these two or three guys ( they have about 20 guys that are vol RSOs) talk to you or should I say Bark Commands at you like your 5 years old, and they do this for no perticular reason, one of them I think is blind my wife and I were on the firering line once and he called the range cold so I dropped the mag on my AR opened the bolt with the chargeing handle pulled back and locked this RSO looks down the line and screamed on the PA system to but my weapon in a safe condition I said it is, and he said if I did not comply I would be ejected from the range, about this time another RSO hears the A hole on the PA and comes over looks at my rifle and signals OK, a couple of simalar incidents have happen before, they accused me of putting up stiky back targets ( they did not want these used) because he saw me down range without a staple gun, and its not just me this crap has happened to several other people, I sent a e-mail to the range director saying about what I just said here, as expected I got no responce, at my age I hope to think I have more patence than I did when I was younger, this one perticular RSO is very lucky I do, so to avoid a real problem if i go there I call first and see who is working that day and if these two !@$#%$%&** are there I dont go

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