Shooting Organization Endorses Obama

Obama has to be a supporter if these guys say so. Can anyone tell me who they really are?

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The group sets itself apart from the "more extreme" elements of the pro-gun lobby like the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America. Unlike them, AHSA favors some gun-control measures like background checks and required safety courses for concealed weapons permits. (The NRA has accused the group of being a front for the anti-gun lobby.)

I would say that AHSA is the "more extreme" element. EXTREME LIBERAL".
yeah, and many of their board members

sit in Handgun control' board as well. maybe we should start our own group. " gun owners against stupidity and other commie loving, hadji kissin' no-goodniks."
Okay boris, I'll join. Here's what NRA-ILA has to say about this endorsement and the AHSA. Pretty well sums it up:

"Pro-Gun" Group Endorses Most Anti-Gun Candidate

Friday, April 18, 2008

As this unusual campaign season has unfolded, we’ve seen the candidates ratcheting up their politically expedient rhetoric in an attempt to distinguish themselves as the “candidate of choice” for every constituency, while testing the far reaches of credibility in the process. We’ve heard blatantly anti-gun politicians claim to be supportive of the Second Amendment. We’ve seen hypocrisy, and we’ve heard double-speak and insults to our intelligence.

When it comes to campaign rhetoric on the Second Amendment, we’ve seen a change in the way many anti-gun politicians campaign. Rather than talk openly about their desire to ban guns, register gun owners, and regulate firearms sales, anti-gun politicians talk about their “support” for sportsmen. Rather than admit they oppose the individual right protected by the Second Amendment, they claim they “support firearm ownership for hunting.”

This is all an effort to mislead and divide the gun owning community and to dilute gun owners’ political impact. To achieve their goals new organizations have been formed, with names designed to confuse gun owners and hide their real agenda. The American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA) is one of those groups.

As we’ve reported in the past, AHSA was created to provide political cover for anti-gun politicians by allowing them to claim support from a “sportsmen’s” group. In truth, the anti-gun credentials of AHSA’s leadership is well documented. For instance, AHSA president Ray Schoenke has a long history of giving political donations to some of the nations most anti-gun politicians, including Al Gore, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Bill Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, and Ted Kennedy. In 2000, Schoenke donated $5,000 to Handgun Control, Inc. (now the Brady Campaign) and the Ray and Holly Schoenke Foundation also made donations to the Brady Campaign. AHSA Board member John Rosenthal remains the leader of Stop Handgun Violence, a Massachusetts anti-gun group. And one of the leading organizers of AHSA is Bob Ricker, who has served as a paid expert witness against gun manufacturers in a number of reckless lawsuits. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In keeping with their “pro-gun” stance, this week, AHSA did the last thing one would expect of a pro-gun group—they endorsed Democratic hopeful Barack Obama for President!

In a statement on the AHSA website titled “Obama: He ‘gets it,’” Schoenke announced the endorsement, saying that Senator Obama’s voting record has clearly demonstrated his commitment to the Second Amendment! Are you kidding? Obama’s hostility toward the Second Amendment is so well known and well documented that in the 2004 elections, NRA’s Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) issued Obama a well-deserved “F” grade. Obama is anti-gun. Period. And no amount of sugar coating or spin by AHSA will change that fact.

The AHSA statement closes with the line, “Senator Obama will be a strong and authentic voice for America’s hunters and shooters and it is with great pleasure that we endorse his candidacy.” While typical of the rhetoric coming out of AHSA, that line is nothing less than ridiculous.

AHSA would be more correctly called the “American Association for the Protection of Anti-Gun Politicians.” No gun owner or sportsman should take the group seriously or fall prey to its carefully crafted lies and deceptions, as clearly demonstrated by their endorsement of Barack Obama.
Hey maybe I'll start a anti gun organization and say I'm for gun control. Then I can take all the Anti's/Libs money and donate it to the NRA or other REAL pro gun organization. Hmmmmmmm........
What a pathetic display.
This group wants to have stricter gun laws, fine, that's thier right to choose (although a dumb choice.) But to insult our intelligence by trying to pull the wool over our eyes like that. Where is the honor, where is the integrity? I believe if you fight fair, God is on your side. The end does not justify the means. And we are not a bunch of dumb rednecks that can be persuaded by any group saying they're on our side, while supporting gun grabbing politicans.
Just goes to show how desperate the anti's are. Fighting dirty, because they're losing the battle. :sly:
People see and believe what they want.

This plays to the fact that people will believe just about anything that helps to justify their choices. Anything that they can point to and say " see I told you" they are the right person, they are looking out for all of us. How many people know this "shooting organization" from any real one. They don't care to know any difference or want to know. They must just fool the dumb rednecks gun lovers. Little do they know we have brains too and we use them. Let just one of them figure out a 300 yard uphill shot with wind from the 3 o'clock.
I have never heard of them before,but if they support one of the most anti-rights members in congress,then I will definitely not be supporting them.
They make the news when ever they meet. Lots of money. They suck and we should get a list of the members and boycott their movies and products.

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