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I live near LRAFB and outside of city limits (Pulaski County) on a small (5 acre) plot of land. A few friends of mine want to come over and do some target shooting but were concerned about any laws that may prohibit it. We do have neighbors right next door that will not mind and we hear the range on the base all the time so noise isn't really much of an issue. Are there any laws in the county that would prevent us from firing off a few hundred rounds?


Yes, reckless endangerment. I have a friend that was arrested for exactly that. They were on private property, away from any houses but close enough to be heard. A neighbor called and complained. The cop that responded was dammed and determined that he would find something wrong with what they were doing, even after calling a Game Warden to see if there were any hunting regulations that they might be violating. The Game Warden stated "I don't see anything wrong with what they are doing". But, because they had had a beer, he arrested them for reckless Endangerment.

Make sure you have taken all of the precautions for a safe range. Targets, backstops, etc. And NO ALCOHOL!
In Pulaski County it is illegal to shoot within a certain distance of a residence even if it is your own. I think it is 500 feet.

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