Shooter in Winnemucca, NV, stopped by legally armed citizen


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A legally armed citizen put a stop to a shooting in a bar & grill in Winnemucca, NV by fatally shooting the bad guy. Final outcome was 3 dead, including the bad guy, and 2 injured.

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Thank God that there was someone present who refused to be a victim!


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If he had not been there the shooter might have gotten away before the police arrived or killed some one else.


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+1 for the patron that stopped the madness. Probably saved several more innocent lives doing so.

Gotta love the new! They just had to through in the fact that he reloaded his "Hi capacity" pistol!


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time to give out another metal! probably won't get much atttention though because he is obviously pro rights!


Titles are un-American.
I guess he didn't get the memo sent out by the DNC that everyone is supposed to call the police and then sit quietly while getting executed by a mad gunman.


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Here in virginia we would want the shooter to get away, thets why gov. Tim Kaine shot down (pardon the pun) a bill to let ccp holders to carry in a bussness lisenced to sell alcohol for consumption on premeses(as long as they did not drink). Ironicaly he also passed a law that any Comonwelths atterny can carry even if drinking with no permit or training. Its a good thing all lawyers are honest! I guess its ok for his friends to carry as long as us lowly blue coller trash cant shoot back.

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