Shipping charges for a spring..

I have this old H&R .22 Model 999 revolver that was not in working condition when a buddy gave it to me. Seems the mainspring inside the grips was missing that drops the hammer so the gun can fire, I located a website that has spare parts for these handguns since they were made in the 70's its kind of hard to find replacements.

The part I need is a small spring for $10 and they want $7.50 for shipping. I emailed back and forth with the customer service and was told there is no discount available for shipping even if its a tiny spring that could be mailed in a standard envelope. Does anyone know of anywhere else that has this part or feel free to discuss the cost of shipping for a spring since I find it ridiculous. Hope I'm not being silly here expecting them to mail me a 2 inch spring for less than $8 considering the part itself is almost that much. They do have free shipping codes apparently that I have found online but none are valid, just a shot in the dark maybe someone will have some info for me. Thanks.

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e gun parts....wait till a friday it in, if they are busy they will give you a code to order on line shipping free...been there, done that...gpr
Call anytime Monday - Friday and you will get the code. It knocks $5.95 of the shipping total.
anyone who only ships via UPS will need to rape you on shipping as their minimum charge is now right at 7.00 no matter the size. Find your part where they will ship via USPS
LOL - Try ordering some of free stuff from the Sham-Wow guy that you only pay shipping and handling for. :laugh: Actually most of the time they really should say shipping, handling and aggravation for some things and can easily run more than the cost of the item. But it does seem carzy for a spring that can be stuffed in an envelope to cost as much as a big part.

Recently I ordered some cabinet parts and it came to around $30 plus $20 shipping but they had a deal for free shipping on any order over $50. I looked and there were some more items that I could use that brought the cost to $50.16. This was the only place I could find those parts so the extras were free or $.16 if you get technical. :sarcastic:
Guess I'll be giving them a call, thanks for the advice guys. If the part wasn't so cheap I really wouldn't mind the shipping but doubling the total with shipping is nuts. I understand they might ship UPS and use flat rate but I'm sure they have an envelope and a mailbox in their city too. :biggrin:

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