Sheriff's Office Investigates Shooting


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Not much info on this story but wanted everyone to check out the comments! Gotta love Florida.

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TAMPA - The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is investigating a shooting at 6014 Santa Monica Drive.

One person has been shot, and a suspect is on the loose, according to Debbie Carter, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman.

Glad that only the "stupid" were injured. Classic example of a combination of "ignorance" and "carelessness" resulting in tragic consequences.

This is an excellent example of why you teach firearm safety to your children. A child properly trained would not be playing with a loaded firearm. They also would not be smoking pot.
17 Not in school, where are the parents? Like was said it is all the guns fault. Train your kids, crap the parents need to be trained the apple will not fall far from the tree. I work with parents of the kids everyday. When you see them and you know why we have so much junk going on. The parents are as bad as the kids. It is frustrating.
If the gun had a warning on the side like ( will fire if trigger is pulled ) this may have stopped it. Not in school don't read they need pictures. How the heck did they get a gun? Maybe they learned something that day.

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