Serpa for Glock 30???


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any word on one being released soon? or am i'm going to have to buy a 21 holster so i have a good retention holster for my baby? :biggrin:

The G21 holster works. I wouldn't count on a G30 version just because of that. I would cut it down to fit but you don't have to. I almost bought one the other day but decided to hold out for a nice leather thumb break paddle. It's either gonna be a Galco PLE or Safariland 518.
you think there will be any excessive movement beings the holster isn't made for my 30 specifically? i guess i ask cause i don't wanna buy a 60 dollar holster just to find out the gun doesn't fit snug enough for my tastes...

does anyone actually have a 30SF that they use a serpa made for a 21 with? pics would be a major plus!!! haha, thanks for the answer by the way rrc...

EDIT: i am looking into maybe getting a RCS Phantom so i can carry my 30 with my TLR-2, but i would still love the serpa... i like the added retention...
There is no excessive movement. It fits just as well as the G21 does, but looks like it's about 1.5" too long, which you can cut off...or not. You should be able to try one at a gun store. They are pretty popular. Every store here has the G21 Serpa on the shelf.
i went to scheel's today and tried a serpa (made for the glock 20/21/and something else) today on one of the store's glock 30SF's... and not to bash your thoughts rrc, but the holster constantly took the gun out of battery everytime i holstered it, it fit very very snug (too snug to easily draw, required far to much effort) and it bothered me to the point i ended up getting a fobus paddle for it... least i got a range holster for it that will work...

maybe just a freak accident that wouldn't have happened with another serpa 21 holster on the shelf (maybe too tight or something) but i figured i would post my experience with it...
It's a snug fit with the G21 as well. The fit and feel is about the same. The trigger guard lock could be giving you that out of register feel. I don't own one. Just tried them numerous times and haven't felt the need to buy one. I tried a Bianchi Black Widow today and it fit great, but all they had was tan. I may just order that one online now that I know it fits well.

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