Senate to Vote on Climate Tax FRIDAY!


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I received the following from Eagle Forum today. I guess they think we still have some extra money we are not using so they want to steal it.

Senate to Vote on Climate Tax FRIDAY! Call your Senators NOW!

Senate to Skip Debate on Climate Tax and Vote on Final Passage! Take Action!

Call your Senators and Urge them to Vote NO on S. 3036!

After promising to allow an open and lengthy debate on America's Climate Security Act (S. 3036), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) filed cloture to proceed to final passage, allowing NO AMENDMENTS and only ONE DAY for debate of a massive energy tax increase on American consumers. The Senate will vote on cloture tomorrow, Friday morning, June 6th!

The latest word is that Senator Reid is actively working to gain over 50 votes for cloture. We cannot allow this many Senators to vote YES. Environmental groups will spin this as a victory. We need your calls to get your Senators' phones ringing off the hook in opposition to this bill!

This chart, constructed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, illustrates the massive increase in bureaucracy as mandated by an amendment which was offered by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA). The amendment contains over 300 new regulations and mandates.

If this bill passes, not only will gas prices increase by at least $0.53 per gallon, jobs will be lost all over the country, with the South being hit the hardest. This chart, constructed by the Heritage Foundation, details the economic effects this bill will have on each geographic region of the U.S.

The Lieberman-Warner-Boxer cap-and-trade bill certainly proves that green is the new "red." It aims to deliberately cripple the American capitalist system and destroy our economy as we know it!

The Senate will vote on the cloture motion to proceed to final passage tomorrow morning, June 6th! Call your Senators' Capitol Hill offices now and tell them to vote NO on the Lieberman-Warner-Boxer bill today!

Further reading:

"We Don't Need a Climate Tax on the Poor," by Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK)

For the record, Obama has publicly said he would support some kind of ridiculous "carbon tax". I think I'm paying enough at the pump already... :blink:
isn't it funny how all these rich idiots think they know how to run the country? let's see how badly we can screw our citizens...and pad our pockets with more...

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