Sen McCarthy is really dumb about gun issues


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McCarthy introduces 'no rights' list
May 19, 10:21 AM · 27 comments
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Carolyn McCarthy

When we last focused attention on Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (well, aside from her braying about Kirsten Gillibrand's serial betrayals not being despicably turncoat enough), she was trying to ban guns because they had something on them she could not define beyond "I believe it's the shoulder thing that goes up." That and introducing an Assemblywoman who wants to fight terrorism by banning .50 caliber firearms because their bullets had "a heat seeking device" that would allow you to "cook [ a deer] at the same time" you shot it.

I kid you not. If you have not already seen these, take a moment and watch the videos posted here.Link Removed

Well it turns out there's a greater threat to the Republic than Assault Shoulder Things that Go Up and Shoot 'n Cook Ammo combined: Citizens who haven't been convicted of anything! You know, the ones our legal system defines as PIs (Presumed Innocents).

To deal with that menace, McCarthy has (yet again) introduced one of her trademark harassment measures, this time labeled H. R. 2401, the "No Fly, No Buy Act of 2009."

It's stated purpose?

To increase public safety and reduce the threat to domestic security by including persons who may be prevented from boarding an aircraft in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, and for other purposes.

In other words, if your name appears on the same list as the one that delayed Teddy Kennedy's boarding pass, you'll be denied purchasing a gun. And even scarier, you'll be subject to arrest:Link Removed

Under the New McCarthyism, a prosecutor could send a gun-owner to federal prison without needing to show that the person had ever committed a crime, or had taken any steps preparatory to committing a crime, but merely that the person’s name was on list compiled by a federal agent and the person had owned, used, or tried to buy a gun. By federal law, anyone on the prohibited persons list for guns is barred not only from buying a gun, but even from holding a gun for a moment. A name can also be placed on the no-fly list based solely on information supplied by a foreign government—information which may often be reliable, but sometimes may not be.

And as we've seen time and again, suspicion of being a shady character in the eyes of the government can often be something as innocuous as...believing in the Constitution. Add in McCarthy's resurrected rights eradication plot (that relies on accurate record-keeping from people known to lie about it)--and don't forget Peter King's latest attempt at subversion (what is it with New York politicians?) and you have a perfect formula for denying "legal" gun purchases to ...uh...practically anyone the government wants to.

It's the "other purposes" mentioned in McCarthy's bill.

Aside from the un-American outrage of denying a citizen rights before they have been convicted of anything, if a person truly is a terror suspect, what better way to tip them off that they are under investigation? That is, assuming real terrorists bother to buy guns from federally-licensed dealers...

Which also explains why gun owners are being harassed with "gun show loophole" nonsense. It won't affect the black market one bit, but it will ensure the "law abiding" have their names and purchases on a record--and I think all but the intentionally deluding or willfully deluded see where that would lead.

What are the chances H.R. 2401 will go anywhere? Right now it looks like "sound and fury, signifying nothing." That's not to say the right convergence of government policy-enabled "opportunities" couldn't change things. If nothing else, it's showing us another item on the "wish list" freedom haters intend to go after if they ever consolidate enough power.

But we need to be aware of all current movements from the enemy camp--and make no mistake, those who would disarm you under threat of force are not your friends.

Also see: "Arbitrary 'no-fly' list may soon become a 'no-guns' list" by Civil Liberties Examiner J.D. Tuccille


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Stupid is as stupid does. If she were any more stupid she might make president material. Perhaps next time uncle Ted "the drowner" Kennedy has a problem boarding that should keep him from being able to buy booze.

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It really dosen't matter to her if she's telling the truth or not. In fact, if people believe her lack of intelligence, all the better for her agenda. She's the Senator who's Husband and son were gunned down in an armed robbery. I believe one of them died. The two street thugs that did the shooting had long criminal histories and basically took people in the back after robbing them and shot them. She's out for revenge and she HATES people that own guns. If you've ever listened to her when she speaks about guns and those who own them, it is pure hatred and anger. She cannot differentiate between the thugs that shot her family members and Law Abiding Gun owners. She's on a mission, PERIOD! Yet she aligns herself with the same liberal class of people who released the two thugs from prison early, even though they had long histories. Her campaigns are TOTALLY funded by Anti-Gun Groups. She doesn't think along political lines on this subject, nor the good of the people. Simply put, SHE HATES YOU. No kidding!

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