Sen. Clinton, down but not out, bucking for VP bid?


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Don't know about the rest of you but I will have to say I am really worried aout the future right now. If Hilery was on the ticket with Obama the fact is it would be a real hard ticket to beat. There are a lot of people unhappy with the war and the trillions of dollars that it will end up costing. She has a lot of women behind her. If McCane were to chose some one like Bloomberg for his vp we would be facing perhaps the worst choices for president we have ever had and we have had some bad ones. With that type of choices and so few willing to face facts that the two main parties are about as much different these days as frick and frack we are in big trouble. If we do not wake up and quite falling for the line that a vote for a third party is throwing our vote away we are going to continue to slide untill one day we will find out that the lesser of two evil that we voted for is really the anti christ.

Sen. Clinton, down but not out, bucking for VP bid? -

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