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Now that I'm finally retired I can refocus attention on my handgun interest that has been on hold for a considerable period of time. I'm trying to determine if any forum members have knowledge of or interest in Seecamp double action conversions. I did a search on this forum but only came up with more current comments on the Seecamp company and not the product that founded them.

As a reference point, Louis W. Seecamp developed a patented DA conversion for the Colt M1911 and produced nearly 2000 of them from early 1970 to early 1980. I have one of those produced at that time and am trying to become current on how many others are still around and whether there are any forum discussions surrounding them. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.


These were really popular with a lot of law enforcement guys back in the 70's, who's standard issue were 1911's. Back then there was a waiting list by Seecamp to get these done. I heard back then the turnaround time on them was as long as a year. I've handled and shot a few of them, and they're a very high quality conversion. The welding, fit and finish on them is superb. Fast forward 40 years, and now, with so many D/A autos out there, they've become more of a collector piece that has desirability with guys old enough to remember them. Everyone into guns in the 70's and 80's has heard of L.W. Seecamp, along with his guns. Today, not so much. Much like Armand Swenson 1911's, they're held in high regard with the people who are old enough to remember them.


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Howdy fourkeys,

Nice pistol!

The Seecamps were a hot item back in the '70s.

Heck, Colt even copied them with their Double Eagle.

Back in the 70s and 80s it was a cottage industry to modify production handguns, especially semi-auto. Back in the mid to late 80's I carried a Devel converted S&W Mod. 39 as a BUG. It had a shortened slide/barrel and grip and was about the size of the current 3900 Lady Smiths. At the time it was smaller than any 9mm semi-auto on the market except for maybe the Detonics Pocket 9, but since the Detonics was solid stainless steel it was very heavy for its size.


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