seecamp 32 report


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Ended up getting a seecamp in 32 caliber. First of all, this is a TINY gun. It completely disappears in the watch pocket of my jeans. That said, I have a don hume pocket holster for it(I don't like exposed triggers).

I have fired around 250 rounds from it now without a single failure to feed or failure to eject. It's 100% reliable. Accuracy is well beyond what I'd expect for such a little gun. I'm not a great marksman, but can keep all rounds in the head of the sillouette at 3-5 yards. There are no sights, but I can keep in a dinner plate sized area on the sillouette at 15 yards. I didn't try much beyond that. I would guess you could put sights on it, sight it in to 20 or so yards and it'd stabilize the bullet well enough to maintain accuracy at least that far. But that's not the point of this gun.

It's beautifully made-great fit and finish. Feels very solid. Field stripping is quite easy.

Seecamp certainly deserves all the hype associated with it and more.

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