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It is my understanding that places of worship may designate any number of their members as "security personnel" and that those individuals may then carry concealed at said place of worship. It's not a full and free as we'd like but the provision exists in the current law (LB 430).

25 (c) A place of worship may authorize its security personnel to carry concealed handguns on its property so long as each member of the security personnel, as authorized, is in compliance with the Concealed Handgun Permit Act and possesses a permit to carry a concealed handgun issued pursuant to the act and written notice is given to the congregation and, if the property is leased, the carrying of concealed handguns on the property does not violate the terms of any real property lease agreement between the place of worship and the lessor.
Many churches have amended their bylaws to allow concealed carry permittees permission to carry. At a deacon's meeting last month our delegate to the national convention stated something about it. I laughed and told them I had been carrying for ten yrs and they did not know it. Our last pastor spotted it one day and asked what caliber my "cell phone" was. He carried also. Our Bible says to be gentle as a dove but wise as a serpent. Am reminded of the remark made in the movie "Patriot" by the priest--my flock needs a shepard also as he shouldered his musket. As the temple walls were being built around Jerusalem Nehemiah's men kept their weapons close at hand. God (IMO) does not want us to be fodder for druggies/crooks/terrorists/and other bad guys.
OK, so the way I read that, in order to carry in a Church in Nebraska, the following need to apply.

1- I need a Nebraska concealed carry permit, or an out of state permit that Nebraska honors.
2- I have to be granted permission by the authorities of the Church. This could mean the Priest, board of Elders, or Board of Trustees.
3- There must be some type of writen notification to the congregation.
4- If the property is leased, you cannot be violating any lease terms.

Numbers 1, 2, and 4 are fairly strait forward. Number 3 seems kinda vague. What constitutes an acceptable writen notification? Does my name get printed in a bulletin one Sunday, and that is good, no need to bring it up again? Does the Church need to keep a perment list of authorised individuals? If so, who gets to see this list? How does this list get distributed to the congregation? Is posting the list on the internet OK?

Please share your thoughts as to how one can be a Church Security Officer and stay in compliance with the law.

Or you could bypass all of that and just carry openly. Open carry in Church is completely legal in Ne.

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