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Seattle Mayor's concealed-weapons ban may land city in court

Mayor's concealed-weapons ban may land city in court

'We do have the authority,' Nickels says; critics disagree

It will start with warning signs and bureaucratic policy reviews.

But will Mayor Greg Nickels' new gun ban lead to metal detectors at Seattle Center, neighborhood libraries and City Hall?

Or pat-downs and bag searches at park entrances, festival gates and holiday events?

Although resorting to such measures would be a "shame," Nickels said, he would not rule them out during a Monday news conference to announce his prohibition of concealed weapons on city property.

"We do hope that our parks and our Seattle Center events remain open and accessible and welcoming to all," Nickels said. "But we will also make sure that they're safe."

Nor is it yet clear whether Nickels' move will land the city in court -- with gun rights activists contending the mayor has violated state law. "I certainly would not be surprised if there is a challenge to our authority on this," Nickels acknowledged. Still, "We believe we do have the authority."


It seems like the Mayor of Seattle is on a power trip and thinks that he has the power to usurp the state constitution.

Seattle Is the new San Francisco?

It would make sense that the granola kids (fruits, nuts and flakes) would migrate north in search of a good cuppa joe. I am amazed that this would even be an issue in WA. Watch the mayor lie his way out of this one when it hits the courts. All you Seattlites might want to make sure there is no emergency powers act to take your toys in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster.:crazy0:
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Is he a cousin to Bloomberg and Dailey? The three could make a comedy movie together. Title-The Three Stooges.
Something that I found somewhat amusing is that at the end of the article, there is a soundoff section for people to reply. As I have seen elsewhere, the pro gun types are well spoken, polite and prepared to back up their statements with facts, while the anti's just repeat the same thing over and over again and resort to personal attacks when they see that the sentiment isn't going their way.
Fortunately, I don't leave the island I live on often, and even less frequently go to Seattle. When I saw this on the evening news my reaction was of disbelief. No doubt if the law goes through, honest folk will leave their protection home while the thugs, gang bangers and crooks will disregard the law. Why do I feel less safe at the prospect of this law going into effect???
Well I sure hope Seattle/Washington gun owners stand up to this guy and fight. Because there was a statement Nickels made that bothered me on top of this law. "This is a small step and I hope not the last step in protecting our public from gun violence," he said. This means he's not done.
seems like just the beginning of these "elected" idiots popping up to hang our guns and not focus on the problem which is the criminals... even if they did not have guns, their crimes would not stop. how hard is that to understand?
Still, "We believe we do have the authority."
I'm pretty sure he could say that with respect to just about anything - in particular, forms of imposing his authority that are particularly oppressive or overreaching.
Does his LEO's feel that way. Saw some real bad footage of Seattle cops breaking bad on Americans at a illeagl allen march. Only the beginning.
Sea-Tac never had CC much.

In between 1980-1982 I was stationed at Ft. Lewis, by Tacoma. Concealed carry was a joke flaunted by the Federal-Way night stalkers! Pay-days & weekends rocked with sirens. Open carry was a norm from butterfly knives to UZI's. Afro/Jamaican pot zones, skin-head speed-ball zones, Latino no-go coke apartments/slums. The Orientals had a locked-down area where none of would go after dark, well kitted Yakusa types who either carried hi-end bladed or shooting weapons or could deck-U fast with some martial arts moves that made Jackie Chan look lame. Stroll around a park after dark and watch bad company moving in on you fast. Go up into a hi-rise parking lot and some prick was probably pointing a gun at you to jack U, or stalking U the whole way. Hit the concerts (Heart every month!) and hear the pop of BG guns marking invisible lines in 'hoods' patrolled block by block by armed and unarmed violent teens and young fools. Often full-auto bursts echoed aound the Space Needle! Take a chance on 'Underground Seattle' after dark and U prolly would run into an acid-peaking punk with a gun or a knife who would do U for your wrist watch or leather jacket. In 2 years of getting shot at driving along I-5 (both ways!) or losing maybe 10 soldiers I never knew put warnings all over Ft Lewis to travel in groups of 3 or more in Seattle, be back by dark or don't even go there. At one point all off-duty 'recreational' travel into Seattle was banned by the 9th Infantry Division CG for a whole week when 3 G.I's got whacked on one crazy night. 26 years later I'm sure its a lot safer, RIGHT! The well armed & organized gangs & dope that moved up there from CA made it a frigging war-zone when 'shit park' was where all the junkies hung-out and many got shot for a fix. P & S hung back many times out-matched. Not worth getting killed for what was around $25K a year base-pay back then. So many junior enlisted soldiers went up there as armed as the BG's with their own private weapons just to balance out the threat ratio. Be all you can be! So we did....

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