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Well, it's been a LONG time coming, but I've scheduled my CWP class at Allen Arms for next Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I tell you, Allens is really becoming my favorite source for all firearms related needs! I really appreciate that they have evening classes - my weekends are chuck full of activities with the family, and I didn't really want to take a whole Saturday away from the kids - I know my son would be devastated if I didn't make it to one of his baseball games (he's 7) :)

I think a co-working and his wife are coming those two nights as well - the more the merrier! I'll report back after class!

(The waiting is like pre-christmas jitters!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: )

Well, I'm giddy with excitement, that's for sure! I've managed to get 4 people to go with me now!
That's what I've heard. Another co-worker went through the SC CWP last weekend over there, and he enjoyed it too.
Last night was FUN! :sarcastic:

We went over concealed carry methods, some law, and the shooting test (My favorite of course)

I scored a 100 - based on SC scoring - all 50 shots on target from 3, 5, 7, 12, 15 yards.

Here's my target:
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We go back tonight to do the written test... Wish me luck! :)
Good shooting, Dan. The test will be a peice of cake. The instructor probably gave out all the answers. If you remember the 'remember this' items he're good to go. :wink:

btw, Good Luck!
Good luck! The written test is a piece of cake - just remember the 4 rules of safe gun handling, and that Permissions means you CAN carry - there is one trick question - read it carefully (I think it's like 42 or 43...) Shooting test is easy, just stay in the black :) pretty easy stuff.

Let us know how it goes!
Thanks for the info and encouragement! I need to remember this is a test of me simply being accurate.....not a contest with the other people taking the class.

BTW...nice shooting. What were you shooting when you took the test?
Both the shooting and written tests are very easy, in fact if someone can't pass them I really don't want to be around them while they are carrying. I was in one class with two older ladies that between the two of them hit the target three time out of the 100 shots. Now I don't want to deny them the right but they need a lot more practice before they walk down main street with a gun. If they start shooting your best defense is to be right in front hoping they aim for you. :biggrin:
Unfortunately, with todays ammo situation the shooting test

is a waste of good ammo. I took mine 4.5 years ago and it was fun but I got bored two thirds of the way through the shooting.

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It is an easy test - but I think any reason to go out and shoot is a good reason... I am thinking about changing up my routine shooting, and only loading 5 rounds into the mag like we did for the test - Keeps me from the temptation of just blowing through a whole magazine. :)
is a waste of good ammo. I took mine 4.5 years ago and it was fun but I got bored two thirds of the way through the shooting.

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I didn't count but 24 holes in that paper. How di you pass with only a 24 out of 50? :biggrin:
Well, finally got done today. Passed both shooting and written tests. They are very easy.


I scored a 100% but still didn't get as tight a grouping as I hoped for. I knew when I pulled the 4 shots in the left part of the #8 area. Guy beside me was shooting a .45 and I got hit with his brass on each of those. I don't think anyone else had a tighter group. On everyone else, the instructor was marking the holes with a white grease pencil and counting them. On mine, he just looked at it and wrote 100%.
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Allen Arms has become my home away from home! I took the Saturday class. Long, but the instructor was awesome! Great shooting on your test! One of my friends got his CWP in less than 2 months! There is hope!
I agree. Allen Arms is a nice facility. It's getting awful crowded though. Any where else to shoot in the area...inside or out?

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