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Hey all,
I had no idea this site existed but Im glad I stumbled upon it. Thsi is an awesome site! I also have my own conservative website and ALL here are invited to join. All I need is an email address for me to send an invite. I'm also involved on a survivalist forum as well. I am quite active in ANY and ALL conservative movement. I love my country beyond description and will confront ALL enemies of her.

Ok, it should be quite obvious that there is no liberal in me....not even a trace! I am an avid 2A supporter and a TOTAL patriot! I'm honored to be here amongst your ranks and wish to make as many friends as possible and network with all.

Howdy, fellow Texan!

It looks like the Texas forum is a bit sparse. I'm a CHL Instructor from the Houston Area and finally decided to join USACARRY.COM. I've been directing students to their Interactive Reciprocity map and Concealed Carry State Info Map for quite a while.

I post primarily on and Texas Gun Talk, but thought I'd expand my horizons a bit.

This is a great site, with lots of good information. I'm curious as to why there is so little forum traffic.

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