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Not sure where to put this, so I'll put it right here.

We had to take a road trip to Fort Worth today chasing parts, and on the way home we went through a town called Mansfield. About 10 minutes after we stopped to get something to eat, a soldier's funeral was coming down the main drag. I didn't know the soldier, doesn't matter. Everyone in the restaurant went outside to watch...cooks, waitresses, customers, the bread man, every single soul.
Anyway, there was a huge (looks like a shopping mall) new high school across the street from us, and it had to be every single student lined the street holding a flag.....not just little flags, but mostly full sized flags. I'll bet there were thousands of students at the road paying tribute. It was a big procession, and we stood and watched all of the kids. There was no goofing around or joking around by any of them that we could see. Just respectful and attentive. It made me proud to see all of those kids honor that soldier. We followed the procession on into town, about three more miles straight through downtown. All the way through, the edges of the road were solid with people with their flags. US flags, POW flags, Texas flags, every kind of flag. The old downtown was packed with people. These people appreciate their soldiers. It was really something to see.

We were very fortunate and lucky to be in the right place at the right time to be able to witness this. Made me really, really proud... because I was born, lived, and graduated high school in Mansfield.

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as a current texas south of your location, i too am humbled bythe respect and care they show for the military here. just the other day i had a pest control man come to my house. he was dressed in his pants and just a tan t-shirt. i could see the tags printing under the shirt, i tried to ask him questions about where, and all, but all i got was army and this was his part time job, and they let the guys wear their army colors. all i could get in was thank you for your service and thank you and your brothers and sisters for theirs as well, and he was off..... but all in all, i like the respect and all that texans show here.

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