Sanford Signs Bill Allowing 18-Year-Olds To Own Handguns

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I started a thread in the SC forum also.

This one caught me by surprise. I didn't know they were debating a bill to lower the age and hadn't seen anywhere wanting it...

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COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Gov. Mark Sanford has signed a bill that lowers the minimum age for South Carolina residents to own a handgun to 18.

Federal law still prohibits firearm retailers and dealers from selling handguns to people younger than 21. But the state law now allows individuals to sell handguns to anyone 18 or older.

South Carolina is one of 18 states -- and the only one in the South -- that had set 21 as the age for handgun ownership.

The new law took effect as soon as the governor signed it.

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That's Interesting. I also Don't Understand the reasoning for SC to not Honor The KY Permit.

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