San Diego Open Carry Brunch planned (3rd SD UOC meet-up)


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San Diego Open Carry Outing on Feb 28, 2009 -

Open Carry California!

San Diego Open Carry MEET!
To all concerned patriots, free men and women of able mind and body,

You are cordially invited to represent, and your beloved Constitution at yet another San Diego Open Carry Outing!

Let us see some support out there! Here are the details.

-When: Saturday, Feb 28, 2009 at 9:30AM
-Where: The main lifeguard tower at the end of Grand Avenue, on the boardwalk between the showers and the big pelican. You can't miss the pelican! This location is in San Diego in Mission Beach!


1) The really cool and pro-2nd Amendment detective from the first San Diego Open Carry Lunch at El Indio will be attending our outing in plain clothes. From what I know he is a good man and he knows the restaurants in the area so we will have fun and good food as well.

2) The film crew that will be filming us is not a news station or anything official, it is actually a married couple that are friends with Chris (gir007) and will probably be making a documentary video for us. From what I hear they are really cool people and are doing this for free so for those that can chip in for their lunch it would be much appreciated.

3) Dressing the part (UPDATED 1-26)... This is, above all else, a chance to create good public relations with those less knowledgeable about firearms and firearm laws and to dispell the common myths that hold gun owners in a bad light. As such, it has been imparted to me by those wiser in such matters that dressing the part is essential. Therefore, it is requested that those attending this outing be nicely attired. (CHANGE HERE)--> Since slacks to a beach function is almost silly, I say that we dress in what is comfortable but also looks nice, as open carrying is already hard enough as it is and we shouldn't have to dress up the occasion as well.

A suggestion though is to not have t-shirts that could be used against us in a stereotype, e.g. smiley face with bloody hole in the head, etc. While fun amongst gun owners, it is not the best PR with those not in the gun community so lets keep it clean cut.

UPDATED 1-29-09

4) We are going to a restaurant somewhere on the boardwalk, though the restaurant has not been revealed to me as of yet. Our good detective is taking a look at a few of them and Sam has had some suggestions but I must admit I am not familiar with the area myself so I will keep you all posted as this develops.

-School zones, other rules, etc.

1) There are no school zones in the area we are gathering and walking but there are two in the area that will be of concern for those parking, packing and walking from farther distances, so plan your routes appropriately. Here are the names and addresses for the two applicable schools so that you might plan.


St Paul's Lutheran School (K-12)

1376 Felspar St
San Diego, CA 92109


Pioneer Day School (K-12)

4240 Gresham Street
Pacific Beach, CA 92109

2) I may be wrong on this (correct me if I am) but I do not believe that we can go onto the beach while we are strapped since it is a "park." However, it might be fun to stand on the boardwalk wall and have a cool photo taken, HAHA!

3) As usual, make sure nothing can cover your holster, print out a few information pamphlets and carry your voice recorder!

-For all those that are new at this...

For all those that are new, fairly new and are trying this out for the first time, this is a GREAT opportunity to "cut your teeth" on the Open Carry Movement, meet fellow California gun owners, and members and other citizens of like mind. Please do not be afraid to contact me with any questions regarding this outing or to attend, the more the merrier!

For those interested, my email address is [email protected] and my handle is pullnshoot25.

I am looking forward to this outing!



Chris (gir007), Sam (elsensei) and Nathan (pullnshoot25)

List of forum populations invited (added 1-30-09)
(and now

This is going to be fun!

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