Saiga 223 Sporter AK


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The Saiga sporter AKs are produced in the famed Izhmash arms plant in Russia. These are not exactly the same as other AKs on the market. They have been sporterized with monte carlo type buttstocks and have no pistol grip so they really don't have the same evil black rifle look. So far these rifles are available in 223, 7.62x39, 20ga, 12ga and 308. Yes I said 308. After my positive experience with the 223 it is high on my list.
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- Russian manufacture. Higher quality. Nice finish.
- Accurate with iron sights
- Only 14 parts so a USA made magazine(3 parts) and a Tapco collapsible buttstock(2 parts) and you are 922r compliant.
- Will digest even the cheapest ammo (Wolf) without ever slowing down
- Cheaper than even Chinese and Romanian AKs. I paid $279 in June 2008.

- Only comes with a ten(10) round magazine due to 922r.
- Expensive magazines. Surefire mags are about $40 each. (Promag just put some hi-caps on the market)

Overall I am extremely pleased with the Saiga and will recommend them to anyone worried about the coming election and HR1022.:eek:

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I have the 308 and love it except for the trigger. It pulls up instead of straight back. Just a few mods and you can get around 922R and then you can use a larger mag. In fact the mag is considered one of the mod requirements.

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