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Has anyone seen this Safety Bullet?

Safety Bullet
Where KIDS and GUNS are finally SAFE!

Are you fighting with yourself over having a loaded handgun in the house for your families protection, vs. the fear of mixing guns and kids? Is you home protection handgun brought out at night and locked up the next morning? Do you think it is absurd to have a gun lock on a home protection firearm? You feel that way because you are a responsible parent, grandparent or caregiver. Good news, You can rid yourself of all those fears for $23.50. You can leave your handgun in the night stand, loaded and ready to use SAFELY for $23.50. You can even leave it in plain sight around your kids, or the neighbors kids SAFELY for $23.50. SAFE, with No locks, No combinations, No keys, AND with the fully loaded magazine inserted in the handgun IF You Use SAFETY BULLET!

The SAFETY BULLET is a standard size ammunition round with no powder which expands when fired to leave the handgun inoperable until you clear the jam. Inoperable means you cannot move the slide or recharge another round. The handgun is technically dead, until you clear it again. Just think of the live saving opportunities you have presented Yourself. The child who points your handgun at another child and pulls the trigger will not experience a life-long mental tragedy, and You will not end up in jail -- All the child will hear is a light "thunk" while the SAFETY BULLET has totally locked-up the firearm from any further use. And since nothing comes out of the barrel when the SAFETY BULLET is fired, no harm, no foul, no dead children (except for a red ass and a full year of grounding).

Next question: How do I fire the handgun if I need to protect my family? I'll bet you already know the answer! Simply rack the slide, which ejects the unfired SAFETY BULLET, and your handgun is fully functional and ready to use.

Clearing the jam provided by the fired SAFETY BULLET is very simple and easy. Remove your full magazine. Insert the included "jam" rod into the barrel. Lightly hit the jam rod on the floor or sturdy bench a couple of times till the slide retracts. Then remove the spent SAFETY BULLET, install another charged SAFETY BULLET and you are ready to go. You can send the spent SAFETY BULLET back, with $3, and have it recharged.

SAFETY BULLET is available in packs of two which include one jam rod. The following calibers are available: 9mm, .38/.357, .40 S&W, .45. We cannot ship to California addresses.

I'm not sure I like this product, although it's interesting. I'd be interested in getting ya'll feedback.

My $.02 are this: I have kids (3 & 7) in the house all the time. I keep all guns/knives in a secure location, but don't like not having a loaded, ready to go weapon next to the bed. That being said, I don't want to have to rack the slide (although the sound of that might scare a would be bump in the night away) but I'd rather have speed on my side, and not have to rack the slide. Anyway, what do ya'll think?

If you decide to use the safety bullets in an automatic be sure to do it in the proper manner to assure that if a kid racks the slide a few times they still can't fire. But of course, you must remember under stress how to do it right so here is the proceedure:

Place one safety bullet in the chamber PLUS the first two in the magazine. This will require three slide racks to eject all the safety bullets before live ammo appears. Now memorize the following song and sing it to yourself in the event you need to use your weapon:

(Sung to the toon of "knock three times" by Tony Orlando and Dawn)

Rack three times for a bullet if you want one
Twice on the slide, if you want it to jam
shoosh, shoosh, shoosh means you blow away the bad guy
Twice on the slide, and you just yell "oh damn".


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