Saf Cheers Federal Court Rejection Of Bloomberg Lawsuit


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Thought I would share the following from the Second Amendment Foundation.


BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation said today’s dismissal of a lawsuit filed against the firearms industry by anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg should send a clear message that “courthouse demagoguery and harassment of law-abiding business is not the responsible way to fight crime.”

The 2-1 opinion, written by U.S. Appeals Court Judge Robert J. Miner, affirms the constitutionality of the 2005 Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. It overturns a lower court ruling by activist federal judge Jack B. Weinstein, explaining that he should have dismissed the case instead of allowing it to go forward.

“Today’s ruling is clearly a defeat for Michael Bloomberg,” said SAF founder Alan M. Gottlieb. “The law trumps a billionaire’s arrogance and a federal judge’s long standing anti-gun activism. It is time for Bloomberg to grow up, and for Weinstein to step down.

“Judge Weinstein should certainly step aside from a case that will come before the court shortly on Bloomberg’s harassment lawsuit of firearms dealers in other states,” he added.

Gottlieb called the Miner ruling a clear victory for America’s politically demonized firearms industry, and he congratulated gun makers and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

“This ruling should also send a message to anti-gun extremist groups like the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence that bankrolling frivolous junk lawsuits in an attempt to bankrupt a heavily-regulated, lawful industry must cease,” Gottlieb observed. “Abusing the legal system to harass gun makers may grab a few cheap headlines, but what does it really accomplish? Criminals still commit crimes with guns they get illegally from illicit sources.

“Legal theatrics that deflect attention from the failure of Bloomberg’s administration to prevent crime while pursuing an agenda of victim disarmament are all flash and no substance,” Gottlieb concluded, “and the people know it. Judging from today’s appeals court ruling, so do the courts.”



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I bet poor Bloomberg is crushed. I think he believes the world revolves around him. Whatever he says goes. I feel so bad for him.


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Case Dismissed

Well, as we can see from his reaction, Bloomberg is still being his own hideous self. He says he will continue pursuing this tact of his. What an idiot. Then again, we never said he was smart to begin with.
Overall, a great win for New York and a huge upset to the idiot running the Mayoral office!


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If anything, Bloomberg and his cronies are the ones who should be getting prosecuted, and here's why. When conducting these sting operations on otherwise lawful gun dealers, they lied on the forms they filled out. Last time I checked, it does not matter if the buyer is conducting a sting operation; if the person filling out the forms is lying, they are breaking the law, plain and simple. Furthermore, if these buyers talked about straw purchasing in the presence of the dealer and the dealer sold to them anyway, the dealer probably thought they were just kidding around. I seriously doubt that any dealer is going to risk losing their FFL if they really did believe that the buyer was going to do something illegal. Heck, every time my brother and I go to the gun store we kid around and neither of us has ever been denied a sale or committed a crime.

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Anytime bloomberg gets knocked down a notch, I love it! He needs to be prosecuted alone with activist federal judge Jack B. Weinstein. They knew it wouldn't fly but did it anyway.


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Clearly Judge Miner is mistaken...for The Word and Will of Bloomberg trumps the Constitution.

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