S&W Sigma SW9VE review


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I saw a few posts a while back when I first got my SW9VE and I would like to start a new one.
I have the SW9VE Allied Forces 9mm Luger.
I have heard complaints of failure to feeds and jams, but I have never had this problem with standard 9mm luger ball ammo (115grn. Winchester, Remington, etc.) and other non +P 115 grn hollow points.

Bad things about it...The manual says not to use +P ammo. Well I finally got some new Speer Gold Dot 124 grn +P hollow points for my Glock. The rounds would not feed in the Sigma. They were to long, but with time you can get them to feed one at a time. The rounds did fit in the barrel, they just wouldn't feed.
The second bad thing about it is the trigger pull and reset. It is more like shooting a double action revolver. The trigger has to go all the way out to reset and it is about 10-11 pounds. I have heard of trigger mods for it, but never tried it.
Third bad thing: It is hard to get it to lock a fully loaded mag in to place. It sometimes take a tap. They don't just slip in like a glock.
If you are planing to use this gun as a duty gun you will have some trouble finding a good duty holster for it. There are many good holsters out there for the old model Sigmas, but the new models are shorter.

The good things about it: I love the way it fits in my hand, it looks great, shoots dead on, its very light, and it is easy to clean with the stainless steel barrel. I carry it in an inside the waist line holster (strong side) and I forget it is there. Never had a malfunction.The stainless steel mags are also a plus, but not cheap. The gun sales for about $350 new.

i bought one of the old sigmas about 7 years ago it never had a problem feeding ammunition. i just couldt hit the target with it. yet another guy i know has one that shoots great i think the guns are hit and miss . i hope the newer sigmas are better
I have heard nothing but negative reviews on these guns. I know the Afgani Police Force just bought these and M & P's to arm their police force with. My buddy who is over there training them hates these guns. If you like it then thats all that matters.
My college roommate bought one back in '04. He didn't even get 200 rounds through it before the extractor broke. I have shot them but was never a fan.
Glad I saw this. My father in law has two Sigmas, a 9mm and a 40. He's had both of them for almost a year, and has not even taken the price tags off the cases they came in. We've been talking about taking them out and shooting them, and he was going to let me keep the 9mm for a while. Now I know what to look for with this gun. I'll post an update on it after I have it and get some time to put some lead through it.

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