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I bought one today with night sights for $300. I know they get mixed reviews, but I thought the price was pretty good. Some people seem to love them and some seem to hate them. One of the biggest issues that seems to come up is the unsupported chamber. That worries me a little because I reload all of my own target ammo. Some people say they never run reloads in a gun like this, which also includes the Glock, and some say they run reloads all the time, just don't run +P. We'll see how it fires at the range next week.

A bad point I've heard about with the Sigmas is bad trigger creep and a gritty feel during trigger pull. Please post and tell us how it goes.
The trigger pull is not as smooth as my Glock 30, but I didn't find it offensive. Wish I could have shot it first. I would not have bought it if it did not have the night sights. I did read a few comments from people who disassembled the gun and cleaned up the trigger mechanism to smooth it out. Might be a good rainy day project.

Seems the striker had issues on the earlier models. This is a gen3 so it should be OK. I'll call S&W on Monday and check the serial number. It has a lifetime warranty, so that's a good thing.
What broke? I'm actually thinking of trading this one off at the next gun show for a 357 Magnum revolver. I have 9mm and 45 Autos. I don't really need a 40. I did pull the sear assembly last night and polish the contacting parts. That smoothed the trigger out considerably.
I only had mine for a couple of weeks. I couldn't stand the really heavy trigger pull. I even did some work to the springs which made the trigger pull significantly lighter. But then I got to thinking it wouldn't be the best idea to carry a pistol that I had modified. I changed everything back to spec and traded it in on an XD and was much happier for it.

On the plus side, it was really accurate. I even saw someone score Distinguished Graduate at Front Sight's 4 Day Defensive Handgun course with one.
Well, I took the SW40VE back to the gun show and got my money back out of it. Lesson learned I guess. Looked like a good deal at the time.
I have had my sigma .40ve for a few months now,trigger started out a little stiff,but it smoothed out,
over 1000 rounds and not a single problem,i carry it every day.
I wanted a Tactical Green Laser for it but couldent spend 300.for the Veridian and the lipstick ones
are ridiculous.
So I Designed one check it out here
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Never heard anything really good about S&W Sigma line... I hear their M&P line is a vast improvement but you'll give good money for em'.
I've got over 1500 rounds through my sigma SW40VE with no problems....it's a self defense pistol with a DA trigger...

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