S&W Model 60 serial number question


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I recently purchased a Model 60. SN is: ADR 73##. I've searched for information and have not been able to find anything and I can't really afford to pay for a complete history from S&W.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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According to my S&W Book it was made between Oct 1983 and Dec 1983. Look under the yoke and see what version yours is. 60-? Also see if you can find the production code. It's a six digit number. 102XXX
I also own an older model 60 in ".38 S&W SPL" which I purchased used at a gun show in 1986. The SN is: AEC50XX and it has a few additional markings.

Inside the yoke area of the frame: MOD. 60
On the swing-out portion: 2 X 4 # 9 where the # appears to be some symbol I don't recognize.
Additional markings on the swing out in larger letters stamped sideways: S and then B11
Under the grips on the left side are 4 different groups: B11, 2 x 4 # 9, F15, S
Under the grips on the right side are 3 different groups: A circle with a U in it, a triangle with a V in it, and 7677

Any ideas what all of these markings are?

It is a great gun and I will carry it over my 1911 or Glock 23 on my "light days".

Your MOD 60 was made between Jan 1984 and Nov 1984. Other than that my book doesn't give any info on the other numbers and symbols. Sorry!

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