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I just bought my first pistol. a smith and wesson model 3953. I'm wondering who else might have one and if there are any recomendations on the best ammo for this gun. I am using this as my primary carry for self defense. Or any advice at all. Thanks

I have the full size version (or similar version..) SW 659.

As far as the best ammo- you're opening a can of worms. I'm of the opinion that any major manufacturer of hollow point will do.
I personally use Gold Dot HP
thanks! I really just want to avoid the wrong ammo but any advice helps. I've heard that +p or +P+ is bad for certain models. I will probably go for federal HP 115grain since I can afford them and I really want to be practicing with what I will be carrying. thanks again
What every brand of ammo you get make sure you buy enough so that you can fire a few rounds through the firearm. You need to do that to see how it functions with the ammo and so that you will have a feel of the ammo in your firearm.
I'm not familiar with the 3953 however I own a 3913. I've shot every kind of ammo I could find including my own cast bullet reloads, FMJ, Hollow point, And even MagSafes, which is what I carry. I've yet to have a failure of any kind with any of the assorted ammo. GREAT GUN:pleasantry:. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the 3953 is an all steel version of the 3913 which has an alloy frame. I carry MagSafes as their Propaganda fits my feelings for my requirements. For Conventional bullets, I'd probably select the Winchester SXT (politically Correct version of the Black Talon).

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