S&W .380 Bodyguard

I'm a fairly big sized guy but would like a gun easy to conceal and with enough stopping power. I also want it to be useable by my wife without too much trouble. Would you consider this weapon suitable for the above? Does the .380 have enough stopping power to defend against home invasion or personal attack? Is its operation fairly simple and its safety excellent?


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I talked to a pal of mine in law enforcement 380 and 9 are almost same and does have enough stopping power and most people that are confronted by a handgun tuck tail and run FAST !


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I have a S&W Bodyguard 380. It's ok for a pocket pistol but it's not a 45/40/357. First of all you only have 6 +1 in the chamber and you will want to empty it becuase it does not have the stopping power that the larger guns do. Some gun blogs call them mouse guns and forbid even posting anything about them. I wouldn't consider anything less that a 40 cal. You should get something 40 cal or above with extra mags and pratice with it, and take your wife and the 380 with you to the range to practice, and after she gets used to the 380 move her up a shot or two at the time to the larger handguns. If you have a home invasion or try to protect yourself out in the real world, you need something that gets the job done.


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big paws

I was interested in the bodyguard as a backup/ pocket gun and given the size of my hands I can only get one finger o it below the trigger guard. I was not comfortable with that. I do like the purchase I get on the Ruger LC9, still suitable for pocket carry but large enough to hold.


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I used to think a .380 was something nice to carry if you didn't want to carry a gun. However, in the past few years the improvements in SD ammo have made them a viable weapon...actual speeds over 1000 ft/sec and pretty amazing bullet characteristics have turned the tide.

I recently saw an article (maybe on this forum) that the LAPD has been authorized to carry .380's as a BUG.

Their size and dependability make them excellent primary carry guns when dressed in light clothes that might otherwise make it impossible to conceal a larger weapon. I carry a Ruger LCP a lot here in Las Vegas.

I'm a big S&W fan, but opted for the LCP because I don't see the need for a laser with such a weapon.

I have a friend that has a Keltec P3AT .380 that is also very nice. When we stack the LCP and Keltec together, they are almost identical. The only "edge" the Keltec has is that the slide remains back when the last cartridge is fired and the LCP does not.


Home invasion I would go with a pump shotgun, when they hear you rack the shotgun they will run faster than a pistol. With a pistol you only have one projectel comming at you, with a shotgun you have a hole bunch depending on the load. For carry I like my 380 it is eazyer to conceal, with heavy clothing I like my Glock 40cal. Good luck.


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Picked one up yesterday and it is awesome! For anyone on here that feels its not gonna take down a badguy I implore you to stand in front of one and have a close friend take a shot!


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I'm a fan of the .380 and a fan of the S&W Bodyguard. It's not a good gun for bigger hands, because you can't make a good fit with the last two fingers on your grip hand, and there's no place to put your off gun hand. The .380 can be a very formidable round and certainly an easy round to double or triple tap and stay on target.


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Just got my BG380 a few weeks ago. Haven't got to shoot it too much, but what little I have I really like it.

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