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Hey guys, I have a s&w 442 airweight (black) that I pocket carry and sometimes will have in a belly band. On hotter days the sweat will come in through my pocket and apply itself onto the frame and some of the grip (the parts that arent covered by my Desantis superfly). Correct me if Im wrong but the aluminum isn't going to rust, however the grip screw has some rust on it. Also, the steel cylinder will collect some rust if It is a particularly hot day along with the cylinder release latch, and the trigger. This rust I can just rub off with a napkin.
Is there anyway to stop the rust from showing up at all? I know I can rub a light coat of oil on it but I'm afraid of getting the oil on the grip and losing traction when it comes to handling during firing. Any help would be appreciated.

Its not going to rust in one day. Just wipe it down every day or two with a lightly oiled rag.
After a nasty altercation with a force 4 Tornado two years ago, I started waxing all of my guns. My guns were in the bedroom closet (only thing left standing) with the wife and me, but it was three days before we could get them out of the rubble. It rained hard all three days and nights, All of the guns that were wiped with oil rusted. All of the guns that were waxed had no rust. I did use RenWax but have since found that Johnson's Paste Wax (yellow can) works just as well.After cleaning and lubing internals, I wax down the outside and buff with a rag just as for car. Snce then I have had no rust whatsoever.
How long does waxing a carry gun last? Sounds like in the safe would last a long time.
How long does waxing a carry gun last? Sounds like in the safe would last a long time.

I wax my guns in the safe when I clean them, about twice a year. My range guns get cleaned and waxed after each range session . My EDC gets cleaned waxed once a week (if I haven't fired it during the week), I figure holster and pocket material probably wear wax off. If you think about it , how often do you wax your car? You are doing for the same reasons, and that car is out in the weather every day. Don't go too heavy on the wax and hand buff it off.With the Johnson's Wax I have experienced no buildup or caking. Of course the RenWax is best, it is designed for museum artifacts, but it is pretty expensive and can be difficult to find.

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