Rust spots on Makarov slide


Makarov IJ70-18A (IMEZ)
I've got some small rust spots on the slide of my Makarov IJ70-18A (IMEZ). I bought it this way at a good price, but intend to keep it as my daily carry for years to come. It's not really worth "heavy" restoration, but I would like to get the spots off the slide, and maybe re-blue in those spots. What's the best way to get the spots off? Does an off the shelf product exist for applying the blue at home, or does it need to be done professionally?



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if the rust is just some light surface rust try some PBBlast or WD-40. Spray it on let it soak a minute or so and wipe clean. If that does not do it you can try 000 or 0000 steal wool then touch up the spot with some cold blue.

I've had good luck with Birchwood Casey products. They make kit with degreaser, bluing/rust remover, and cold blue.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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KimberPB is correct about the 0000 steel wool. If they are very light then some good gun oil and steel wool will work wonders.

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