Run and Gun Mall Ninja Tactics ?


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So I was on youtube the other day and I saw another one of those run and gun type videos where some Mall Ninja is Running, Jumping and Diverolling over a pile of wood
after the Dive roll he Draws his weapon .
I have to admit it was cool looking But watch the video and tell me what you guys think , is this something that could really be practical in a fire fight ?

Video link is below


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The terminator shades are a nice touch. Practicality....well just make it a habit to avoid stacked logs. Honestly, I don't see much use in it because for that split second your giving control to momentum and who knows what kind of rocks or other debris lie on the other side just waiting to make contact with your head.


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If your feet aren't on the ground, your not in a stable shooting stance. The wood pile is solid cover and should be used to hide behind rather than as a gymnasium obstacle. Why dive over cover and get closer to your target and not have cover? Not a tactically sound choice.


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I work on PCs for a living, and I see all manner of stupid **** on the net. Very seldom (maybe 3 or 4 times in my adult life) has something made me laugh out loud in a room by myself; that did. This guy must get ALL the hot chicks...

Are you sure that's not someone's tryout video for a stuntman role err some such? Ummm, well actually on second thought I guess they would have scripted it better. Somthing like if after the dive and a much shorter and lower roll he sprung back to the log pile and drew his weapon to shoot back to the direction he was fleeing from. In THAT sort of scenario dive and roll WOULD be the tactical choice cause #1, a belly flop on the aforementioned rock would hurt worse than the glancing blow you would take from the same rock during a roll, and #2 you would want to clear the pile without knocking it over and a hurdle has more potential for that kind of 'oops'... ...especially when you're the epitomy of grace like that fella. :D

I can understand staying in shape and being able to do such things, but I can't understand honestly doing them, especially with a loaded weapon in the name of practice. Granted there isn't enough video to know if it is loaded or not, but practice should be as safe as possible and he is only setting bad examples by NOT specifying in the video it IS in fact unloaded or loaded with snaps. We can never have enough disclaimers because there is always someone new learning. I'm all for practicing tactical stuff like face to face draw and presentation and trigger control and drawing on the duck for cover and all that sort of stuff as much as you can with an unloaded weapon or having it loaded with snaps. But honestly unless you are practicing to draw during the dive or roll part, dive rolls don't require having a gun at all and that's not even considering it would be better performed on some sort of padding just so ya ain't wearing out the one and only body you have in the name of practice.

Honestly, I look at stuff like that and see a redneck version of a "gansta" with his "nine" held sideways over his head. If you enjoy something as a hobby, that's fine. Whether it be "tactical" training like the goofball in the video, some sport like basketball or golf, collecting stuff like guns or stamps or coins, playing games on your console of choice, watching porn on your PC, whatever; don't video it for everyone to laugh at. It drags society down.

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