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Actually, I do not mean establishments...I don't go to establishments where I am not allowed to carry. I make that decision with my wallet. What I was actually thinking then were my neighbours' places. Last year some members of our neighbourhood estate started getting together (which includes my husband and me) for game nights. My husband, being the proud-of-his-wife one, had been telling everyone how I always outshoot him in the range, etc., etc. You know, sometimes he "overtells" so not wanting to rain on his parade, so I kept my peace and just smiled.

Anyway, the last time we were at our "game night", we held it across the road from us. The male owner of the residence suddenly came to me, pretending to greet me and quickly frisked me and said, you are not carrying, are you? I was offended but I still did not say anything. I just made it a point to be more smarter than all of them (I beat them to their game!) and told myself that it will be the last time I am going to step into that house. I haven't told my husband yet what happened that night, but I had been contemplating on telling him that soon at the time when this post came out. The thing about this is that, it means I am uninviting ourselves to these neighbourhood events because we are the only ones that carries. I know it is just a short walk to go home across the road and we will be safely home but criminal events do not make an appointment, that was what was on my mind. If I cannot carry, then I am out of that so-called "events". I do not want to compromise our safety.

You know I really do not have any close friends that would have a problem with me "packing". Most of them carry themselves however if they had a problem then I would not be in their house.

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