Rugers new SR1911


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I am a fan of Ruger pistols and particularly like the SR series. When I got the email last week from Ruger touting the upcoming release of the new SR1911 I was excited about it. The release date said "May 2011."

Has anybody seen one yet? I am on the waiting list (#3 if I remember right) at my favorite local dealer. He said that they are not yet out.

This will be my first 1911. If it is as fine as my SR9 and SR40 I will be a very happy man. :biggrin:

There are several on and the sellers claim to have them in stock. All but one are using Ruger's stock photos, though.
I've heard of at least 2 people with them in their hands, however the dealer I'm going through hasn't received his allocation yet, and I'm #1 on that list :( hurry!
Ruger 1911

I now have the Ruger and the Remington. The Ruger is tough and reliable as usual. But the Remington has a lighter, smoother trigger pull and racking the slide is a tad smoother. But all Rugers are Chevies and all Smiths, Sigs, Brownings, Freedom Arms. are BMW's.(notice I didn't say Cadillac)Don't get me wrong I have many Rugers and my favorite shooter is a 21/2# Ruger Alaskan in 454.:pleasantry:
I have one on my wish list, but so far none of the stores around here have them in stock. I am still trying to get my hands on an LC9 to see how it feels.

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