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I purchased a Ruger SR9 a couple of months ago. I have owned the P85, p89 and I own 2 Ruger revolvers. The P series pistols were good weapons but a bit big and bulky for my tastes. The Ruger SR9 is a whole different creature. It is slim, lightweight and carries a mag capacity of 17 rounds. It handles well, points well and is a center punch. It is a joy to carry and shoot. Two of my sons have fired the SR9 at our local indoor range. We were all equally impressed with it. I plan on using it for IDPA matches.

I have several types of handguns including a Springfield 1911 and Glocks. The SR9 feels as good as either and the grip in surprisingly slim. I love my 1911 and my Glocks. Now I have another keeper.

Have a great day folks!

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You'll get a lot of enjoyment out of that pistol. I think Ruger really hit the nail on the head with that one.
I just purchased a Ruger SR9 myself and was extremely suprised at how slim and concealable it is. I was carrying a much smaller Taurus PT 111, the Ruger SR9 is much larger, holds more rounds and is believe it or not easier to conceal. Sh**!, Ruger did a good job on this one. The Ruger SR9 is quickly becoming my favorite pistol!:biggrin:

I was in the gun shop the other day and saw the SR9c. It is a compact version of the SR9. It comes with 10 round mags but accepts the full size SR9 mags. It looks sweet!
I heard that. I'll have to check it out too. I haven't seen it in person. If it's anything like its fullsize cousin it'll be great. I've always kinda liked Ruger firearms. :biggrin:

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