Ruger SR9 recall

That's too bad, the SR9 was a pistol that was getting a lot of attention. I hope it doesn't kill the momentum of this fine pistol.
That does indeed suck. i was looking at getting one of these in a few years, of course by then all the bugs should be worked out anyway, but it sucks for current owners.
I am sorry they have had some issues. I am, however, sure they will repair them. It will be somewhat of an inconvenience, but I have faith in Ruger. Obviously, many new products have bugs that have to be worked out.
It doesn't look to bad to me. They already have a fix, are trying to get the guns returned within a week, are paying shipping both ways and giving you a free spare magazine for your trouble. When I use a pistol with a manual safety, I keep it on safe until I go to point in at what I'm going to shoot. It looks like the only possible danger would be dropping the gun after taking it off of safe.
They told me that they were not even going to start sending out the boxes for return till mid May!!:unsure:
Ruger sr9

Has anybody shipped their SR-9 to ruger and had it returned? I'm wondering if it changed anything with the trigger pull to the gun? Did it change anything else with the weapon?

I bought an SR9 last year new. The recall had already taken care of it, and I liked the feel of it, but didn't like the striker fire part and never got the thing to fire a decent grouping so sold it. I like Rugers, mostly, but couldn't fall in love with the SR9. Had a lot of stovepipes, and failures to engage even with premium ammo.

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