Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3AT, S&W 442


Got a Ruger LCP; took it and shot about 70 rounds straight out of the box (no cleaning or oil), with the exception of adding a little rubber grip enhancer.
I shot 30 rounds of Win. ball, 30 HydraShocks, and 10 Winchester SXT. No problems.

First thing I did after cleaning the pistol was add a little sight paint to the front sight, it's hard for me to see black on black.

I thought it would be interesting to compare performance over the chrono with my Kel-Tec P3AT and Mag-na-ported S&W 442.
Speed given is the average for 5 shots, chrono about 3 ft. from muzzle.

Ruger LCP:
Hydra Shock 90 gr. 878 FPS / 154# KE
Winchester SXT 95 gr. 774 FPS / 126# KE

Kel-Tec P3AT:
Hydra Shok 90 gr. 833 FPS / 139# KE
Winchester SXT 95 gr. 738 FPS / 115# KE

Mag-na-ported S&W 442: (non plus p)
Winchester Silvertip 110 gr. 821 FPS / 165# KE
Remington 110 gr. SJHP 779 FPS / 148# KE

I noticed the Ruger 380 with Fed. HS basically produces the same power as the ported .38 shooting standard velocity ammo.

The Kel-Tec has registered higher velocities with the same ammo in the past, 845 FPS with the HS and 773 FPS with the SXT, but today the Ruger shot faster under the same conditions.

This post is begging for a pic. I tried to attach a picture, but it failed to upload even when I cut it quite small; here is a link (not my preference).
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Very cool and interesting ammo speeds. I thought they might be a tad higher than you found, but in considering the short barrels probably really not a big surprise. Where did you get te rubber overgrips?

How about perceived recoil between the 3?

Still waiting, (money down since Nov), for my LCP.
I made the rubber grip from a piece of bicycle tube, it's a road bike tube 700x23c I think.
The 380 recoil is the same with either gun; Wincherter SXT produces less power and less recoil compared to HS.
Ported 38 with standard ammo has less recoil, but more blast.
What a nice little tip using the bicycle tube for the grip. Thanks, I'll give it a try WHEN my LCP finally gets here. I say my LCP when in actuality it will be my brides, (but she may let me use it on occasion :laugh:)

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