I will soon be the owner of a Rossi '92 in 357mag /38sp. What is the best kind of ammo to use in these levers?

I really like my Rossi '92 in 357mag /38sp. (16 inch). My preference is 158 gr. JSP & JHP ammo. 38 SPL. for plinking

Life Is Good. :victory:
Went & picked it up this morning. I'm impressed so far. Will be shooting it tomorrow.
Range report to follow.
Took the Rossi to the range this morning. Not being too familiar with lever actions, I felt pretty retarded trying to shoot the gun.
Had a few feeding issues, but when it failed to load, I noticed I had the gun on an extreme angle out of level. Guess that makes a
Shot 25 rounds of factory 38sp, & 25 rounds of 357 reloads. Everything went bang. Started at 15 yards just so I could see that
every round left the chamber. Not bad at my age shooting off hand. This would be a tack driver from a rest.
The gun felt pretty stiff, but then it had been in the trunk @10 degrees for 2 hours prior to my range time.
Considering this gun was a whole lot cheaper than a Win. or Mar., I am very pleased.
I had some reservations about buying this gun due to some negative reviews, but I would recommend this gun to anyone interested
in a nice entry level carbine.

My last 5 shots made me smile.

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