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He sounds like someone you could surely trust. If he tells you something I am sure he will support it, in about ten minutes. Unless a better opportunity comes along.


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There is just something abt this guy that I do not trust..just like Hillery (I cringed at captitalizing her name) that I truely believe that they are both liers! I can not and will not trust a lier!


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Weapons of 'unusual lethality'?
does he mean,like nuclear weapons?
And who gets to decide what is 'unusual lethality'?
The mooks in congress who make the laws,right?
Ok,here it really is.And I know that you all know this already.
The Second Ammendment protects our individual right to keep and bear arms.Not only do we have the right to keep and bear arms,but we have the right to keep and bear as many as,and whatever kind of arms we want.We have the right to have the same weapons that the police and the military do.
Congress,the supreme courts,the police,they can say whatever they want.
The truth is still the truth.

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Unusual leathality???? As opposed to the more usual kind of leathality, right?

This is not only ridiculous but sounds stupid. Aren't all firearms potentially leathal?


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Deserves its own thread thought

lyin', backstabbin', sleazy politicians...check this out...If you can believe what the LA Times prints....

We are SO screwed!,5918084.story?coll=la-news-politics-national


Good post and disturbing both as to content and source. I have been struggling to maintain a barely negative, mostly neutral, stance on George W. but this is probably gonna push me over the edge. This is guy is his picked man and this is taking place on his watch, in his front yard.

I suggest you repost this as its own topic. It is worthy of discussion regardless of Romney's position.


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I'll let...

I suggest you repost this as its own topic. It is worthy of discussion regardless of Romney's position.

The good folks who monitor & moderate take that action, if they wish.... I was kinda surprised it wasn't already posted on the home page....likely will be soon...and then there's always that 'credibility issue'...

If the article is true, then I see it as the Feds are so damned scared of what a USSC decision like the one coming in March, if it were to be in favor of 2A rights, (as it sure as hell should be)...what else will follow and fall because of it... IOW, what part of "shall not be infringed" don't they understand?

"The Bill Of Rights...Void Where Prohibited By Law"...

Have a great day...


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Well it seems times have changed. At least we know where the current administration stands on this issue. Not the same position as in 2001. I guess they have enough friends now, or nothing left to loose.

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