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Walked into my local shop yesterday and they had a (slightly) used Rohrbaugh in the used case. Apparently they took it in Saturday...had it priced at $799. Man I wanted to whip out the credit card and buy it. First time I have ever handled one and man are they nice!

I have never seen one in person. I have heard they are not worth what they cost. But, that is all hearsay. That doesn't sound like too bad of a price though. Why don't you go buy it and tell us whether it's worth it or not. :D . It's all about research.

I have had one for about a yr.and to tell the truth my second,i foolishly let some one sweet talk me into parting w/it,have fired mine about 150 rnds,suprising how accurate they really are,it is the kind of gun you tend not to leave at home,i have a holster that converts from a backpocket one to a front pocket,if you are just going out suddenly to wherever and don't want to bother putting on heavy gear it is ideal,i agree it might be overpriced,but as a bug,or main gun can't be beat,i retired my PPK in favor of it,there is a gun shop in Alaska that gives discounts,and there is a Rohrbaugh forum that has a lot of info from the factory site

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