I'm new to this site, having just joined this morning. My wife and I are retired, live in NC, and both have CC permits. We both have S&W .38 cal, a Centennial and a Bodyguard model. We're traveling out west to see the national parks and monuments and will spend time in Nevada and Wyoming. Both are CCW states but neither has reciprocity agreements with NC. If we have our unloaded revolvers packed in the luggage in the trunk of the car, separated from any ammunition, would be be OK in either of these two states in the event we were stopped? Thanks for the assistance.


IN GENERAL, it is my understanding that transport of a firearm thru any state can be legally done if the weapon(s) and ammunition are separated AND locked up. The idea is to show that you cannot readily produce a loaded weapon. So, I would feel legally safe if my firearm was unloaded and locked in its case and the ammunition was completely separated and locked in another case. And both are locked in the trunk. While I'm not an attorney, it would seem to me that this scenario would suffice. Of course, it doesn't hurt to check the laws of the specific states that you'll be traveling or staying in. Regards and good luck (especially if you need that weapon and the frikkin' thing is locked in the trunk!).
Welcome Robcon - and have a great vacation/trip!

Come to AZ - carry whatever you want! We like to scare the $#!@ outta Kenyan socialist dictators out here! :biggrin:

Great to have you with us.
Again check with a lawyer since I am not one, but the only problem I could potentially see is (I Believe) that the interstate transport exclusion to state laws applies only when the gun would be legally possessed in both the state of origin and destination. IE if you were traveling to Chicago, IL where handguns are allowed only if registered and only in your own dwelling you could get in trouble OR if you were carrying a weapon that was not on the CA approved list (assault rifle) and going to CA. Given that you are traveling to WY and NV that allow open carry (with the exception of Las Vegas) you should be covered. I would suggest that what ever you put your handguns and ammunition in be able to be locked. Some state laws have ruled that the container has to be locked (you could always put it in the suitcase and lock the suitcase) but I would do more then just put it in the trunk. Also be aware that many states do not consider your hotel room to be your dwelling, so posessing the weapon in the room may technically be illegal. Of course if that comes to be a problem better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6.
Many thanks for the comments. We will keep the revolvers locked in their cases and the cases locked in a suitcase. We will also have the ammo in a separate locked suitcase. Hadn't thought about the "motel not a residence" aspect, but will not worry about it at this stage. My main concern is confiscation by law enforcement in states without NC reciprocity, namely NV and WY. It's a six-week trip covering 10,000 miles, but we were able to set the itinerary so that all the states but those two are "user friendly", so's to speak. Thanks again!
Although North Las Vegas and Boulder City are a bit of a gray area, you can carry your loaded or unloaded firearm concealed or in plain sight in your vehicle throughout Nevada. In Nye County, a friend of mine once received a stern lecture from a sheriff's deputy for traveling with an unloaded gun. The officer told him that it was pointless to carry a firearm that wasn't ready to use in an emergency. While in your vehicle, don't have a firearm concealed on your person or in any type of portable bag (like a purse, laptop bag or backpack). Also, you can open carry just about anywhere in Nevada without hassle, except for the 2 cities mentioned above. I also wouldn't recommend it on the Las Vegas strip. It's legal but not worth the attention.

There's no reason for you to be defenseless in Nevada.
All is not lost!

I am not sure when you are leaving, but the way that I see it, if you take the southern route (I-40?) all of the states that you travel through, with the exception of NV and WY, will recognize your permit.

More importantly, if you can quickly apply for a non-resident PA license, you will also be covered in WY. The cost is $31, and the approval time seems to be less than a month, as opposed to the NH license, which seems to be taking much longer to process.

In fact, if you call the Adam's County (PA) sheriff's department and explain your situation, along with providing the relevant documents from NC, I am sure that they would consider expediting your application. They are a really nice group of folks ( I used to live in Gettysburg).

That would leave only NV, and open carry is legal there, although I would be careful while in Las Vegas (or anywhere in Clarke County). Incidentally, NV requirements allow non-resident permits, but the training class for the permit must be done in-state by a trainer recognized by NV. You might consider taking a class while there. It would also allow you to carry in MN, should you go there.
Thanks again for all the posts. Boomboy, we are taking I-40 all the way, but we're leaving in a matter of days, so getting a non-resident PA license won't work. Sorry that I didn't find and log onto this site earlier, but better late than never. Lots of good advice here. We'll be in Las Vegas a few days, then head for the Grand Canyon, up to Utah for for a couple of weeks, covering all the parks and monuments, then up to Yellowstone, and from there to South Dakota, before heading back to NC. We're reasonably sedate folks but will be extra careful, driving and otherwise, in NV and WY. Thanks again!

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