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Virginia Beach, Va. – Police say they arrested a man early Thursday morning after a “road rage” incident in the Kings Grant area.
Police arrested 20-year-old Michael Kemp after they say a person followed him to his home. Kemp chased the man, shot at his car, and then shot the man.
According to police reports, the man chasing Kemp was able to call police and tell them his side of the story.
Kemp is in the Virginia Beach jail this afternoon, facing several charges.

It will be interesting to hear what Kemp says was his reason for shooting the man after he followed Kemp home and why did that guy follow Kamp home? Did he drive his car towards Kemp at his home? If he did, it’s a justified shooting because the police do it all the time also.
i think few people have followed(or at least entertained the idea) for a few blocks after a incident just to try to freak someone out.this guy took it too far.probably would freak you out if you saw the guy rolling past you house taking note of where you live.(best not go straight home after road rage)

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