Road Rage Blamed In Fatal Shooting


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My question is, the shooter, a valid CCW holder, also has a criminal record. How did he get a permit?

Is there another article that says he has a record? The one you linked didn't say anything about that I don't think?
Sounds like a valid use of force. The guy attacked the gun owner who was attemting to retreat to the safety of his vehicle.

Is there another article that says he has a record? The one you linked didn't say anything about that I don't think?

The article says: "Figueroa was pronounced dead at a hospital. Authorities said the 50-year-old driver of the van has a valid state permit for his gun."

I probably would have shot also as I too am too old to fight. Never pick a fight with an old guy over 50.
As Doc LeWall reminds us: Never pick a fight with an old guy over 50.
OT but short. Drove 2 a friend's home 4 a visit 2 day. I had right of way all along the road to her house. BF ugly SOB, tattoos + scars on face, not wearing a seat-belt in a no-top Jeep Wrangler shot thru the yield sign @ on my right, if I had not seen him he would have gone right into the side of my SUV. I locked up the brakes 2 a dead stop + tapped the horn once, got the finger back, no big (law here says if someone ignores right of way U must yield to their unlawful act if U can) started it up and B 4 I knew it he'd stopped, jumped out of his Jeep and headed my way fast on foot, I was carrying and my hand moved to the Velcro quick release tab. Right then a biker cop pulled up and she lit him up, flagging me to move away, which I did, sweet site to see cute biker cop 1/2 his size whip out her ticket pad and keep one hand on her gun, he became 1 peaceful busted 'nice guy' in a flash. Don't know what happened after but he got: speeding + F2Y + no belt + leaving car stopped in middle of road quad rap 2-day and I didn't have to use something that could have gone bad. Look on his 40-ish face did not indicate he wanted 2 do much but pull me out of my car and rumble or w/me locked inside & calling 911 on cell start ripping stuff off + busting out lights kind of anal dick-wad, or follow me road-rage if I took off. Not good in pretty nice residential hood, with kids playing in street & only 50 meters from my friend's home. Friend told me that 1 intersection has so many MVA's they leave a cop there almost 24/7 making P & S richer by the hour! 2 years prior same deal killed 2 innocents, same situation and BG is still in Geiger lock-up for DUI vehicular homicide. GOOD Riddance!

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Since I can only go by what is written in the article, I would have to say that the guy was defending himself. He did what he had to do to stop the threat. Remember, Figueroa was the aggressor, not the man who killed him. He did what he could to avoid further confronation, and when he couldn't retreat any further, he did what he had to do.
It's an unfortunate outcome, that's for sure. Road rage is very big problem and when somebody is going crazy like that, there is no reasoning with that person. There was no choice, in my opinion.

This is something that can happen to all of us. We have to do what we can to drive defensively and watch out for these drivers.

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