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Was visiting a local gun shop. I have had my eye on a Finnish Mosin-Nagant and had just finished fondling it when in walked a guy carrying a .50 cal ammo box wanting to sell some ammo. The man behind the counter said he was not interested since the ammo was not boxed. He then turned to me and asked if was interested. I am always looking for deals I said and he responded with "I will make you a good one today". To make a long story short I purchased 1,102 rounds of mixed 7.62x39 ammo including the .50 cal box for 50.00 bucks. After sorting them all out most were steel cased but there were over 300 rounds with brass cases. About half were hollow points. :biggrin:

Funny thing is I don't even own a rifle that will shoot them but it was such a good deal I could not pass it up. Anyone know where I can find me an AK?

PS. The look on the guys face behind the counter was PRICELESS!!!


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Hilarious, you have a ton of AK ammo but no AK and I am in the process of selling one of my AKs but have no ammo ...


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I have plenty of ammo just no bang stick. JG1967 I see you are not to far from me. What would you take for your AK?

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