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I have just recently replaced my winchester model 70 stock from wood to synthetic. I did all of the work myself and was shooting my gun, i sighted my rifle in with my deer bullets federal 150 grain balstic tips, then shot my 165 grain with the nosler partitions, found i high at 100 yards, is this due to maybe different bullets, or is there inconsistancy with the barrel touching the forearm of the stock.

please post a picture

touching the side is no good but we may be able to "work with what you have"

We need to see what is going on to help you trouble shoot it
It is very unlikely that two different loads will have the same point-of-impact. If the stock touches the barrel this may or may not cause these changes also. When you say the other loads shot high are you saying a foot high at 100 yards or an inch high? Does it matter? Use the loads that give the best groups and then leave it alone. Most guns have loads that shoot really good and some that shoot bad.
it shoots about a 7 inches high at one hundred yards the only thing i know is that i cannot slip the dollar bill down the between the stocks but i realize that is for a free floating barrel so i thank you for the time

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