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I bought a Remington 597 at ****'s Sporting Goods a while back and got a 100 pack of Remington .22LR ammo with it. I figured they would be good to use with a Remington rifle. I have had what I consider quite a few jams at the range. Some on told me Remington .22LR ammo is what they call "dirty ammo" and I should try CCI ammo instead. Anyone have any good words of knowledge and experience on that?

I have shot both remington and CCI and both work fine in my 22s. CCI ammo is hotter and will cycle in some semiautos when the remington will not. If your gun is jamming a good cleaning will help also check your magazines and the feed ramp. If that doesent work check your slide spring. Some guns are finicky about the ammo they like, so you may have to try several different brands before you find what is best for you. When you find the ammo that works stock up, if you can't find anything that works in your gun get another gun.Good luck and be safe.
Since some people think that it is still worth to reply to this almost 3-year OP, here is my contribution: Don't buy crap ammo.
Found that the Rifle was never lubed at the factory or the store that sold it. It was dry. I cleaned and lubed it and it worked fine ever sinse.

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