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Hello All,

I am looking at getting a ccw but am still a bit unsure if it will be possible to worth the hoops residents need to jump through. Background: I have a valid Utah non-res permit. I do not believe I have the standard "need" (ie. work, carrying cash, stalkers, previous victim, living in a super shady area etc.) they are looking for. I am a member of a local range but have no RI type connections to any politicians, leo, companies etc. I have done and would continue to do training/classes (ie. self defense / use of force / home defense etc). I want to get a license as there are times within the evolving world that we live in where I would rather be 6' above ground rather than be (or have family be) some poor number in a statistic from an event that could have been prevented.

Town vs AG? I do not know if my town actively issues (Starts with a "B" and is connected to the Mount Hope Bridge :rolleyes:). If applying to them and they reject it and kick it to the AG does that count as a "bad mark"? If starting with the AG and they reject ... can you apply to the town? If everyone rejects, how bad will that look on other applications when they ask "have you ever had an application rejected? If so why." Answer: Yes but only because my state stinks?

Any insight or help or state resources would be much appreciated.

I feel your pain I live in New Jersey and have the same issues as you do. Don't know anyone in high places. I haven't applied since no one can answer that magical question of will it be a black mark if you get denied. I do plan on getting out of NJ one day and that's why I will not apply because here in New Jersey it's not if; it's when you get denied. We live in a different society today where CCW is a must for survival. Maybe not full blown wild west style but we are heading there and in my opinion we are not far from it. Well good luck hope you get an answer and I hope it's in your favor.

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