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I cannot seem to find a straight answer about my residency in a different county.

I am from Wake Forest, NC ( Wake County), over the last 3 years I've lived in Charlotte, NC (Mecklenburg County) while attending school at UNC-Charlotte. I would like to apply for my CCW permit but the thought of driving over 2 hours just to drop off paperwork seems ridiculous. Is it possible for me to apply through the Mecklenburg County Sheriffs office? Some websites mention a "30 day residency of said county" in order to be applicable. Does this mean I technically am allowed to apply in Charlotte?

Worst case scenario I drive home and apply then go back in 90 days to pick up the paperwork.

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Whatever address is on your drivers license. If the address on your DL doesnt match the address on your application, it's an issue.
No prob. My boss owns a house at the beach (Beaufort County) where he stays every weekend, and plans to retire. He owns a house in Wayne County where he lives & works during the week. His address on his DL is his beach house.
The Wayne Co. deputy told him he had to go change the address on his DL even tho he lived and owned a home & property in Wayne County, or either apply in Beaufort County. For them, the address on your DL is your residence, regardless of where you actually live.

So he went and changed the address on his DL.

It looks like to me the deciding factor would be where you are registered to vote since you have to be a resident of a county to vote there. I guess that just makes too much sense.
Usually these things really do go by residency, I am afraid so you might be out of luck there. Or get a Utah permit in which case it doesn't matter at all. :pleasantry:

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