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Went to my precient Republican caucuses tonight. And guess who was elected a stste delegate, against a UEA RINGER, who did not live in our precient. Me!!! and I AM NO FRIEND of uea. They are tring to get as many delegates as they can to vote against pro-gun incumbets. Well there not going to find me there friend. I also remember the republicans who turned against us this year.

Thank you for getting involved. UEA needs some reigning in. I am now secretary/treasurer for our precinct (not sure what I'm supposed to do yet) and county delegate. Better to be involved than sit back thinking someone else will do it for you and then complain about what you get :)

Yep, the UEA, the most corrupt and immoral union in Utah is up to their old tricks and tactics. No friend of them here! They spout off all the time about needing more money, they get it, but it never trickles to where it is supposed to go--goes to the big wigs, and there are far too many of them in the schools now a days. I have several family and extended family working in several districts in the State and they all complain bitterly of the abuse this union throws upon them. They have no fiscal responsibility, care little for education, despise any attempt to work with citizens of the State to create better classrooms and education, or for alternate methods of helping parents make sure they can get well educated kids, and they hate anyone who supports 2nd amendment rights.
I was also elected Precinct Vice-Chair and my wife, a first time caucus goer was elected secretary. All those who showed up to the caucus in my precinct had the same views so any of us being sent to the county or State Caucuses as Delegates carry the same spite for UEA and are willing to fight for our rights Ours was a very good meeting.

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