Report: CIA Chief Warned Israel Not to Bomb Iran in Secret Visit


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Why would Obama do this? Could it be he wants to warn Iran?

First sentence from the article:
The director of the CIA was recently sent on a secret mission to Israel to warn its leaders not to launch a surprise attack on Iran without notifying the Obama administration, the Times of London reported on Thursday.

If you leave out "... without notifying the Obama administration..." I believe you change the meaning of the sentence. There is plenty to criticize the current (lack of) administration for. We don't need to distort the facts or make things up.

FOX News could not immediately confirm the report.
Amazing how rarely the news stands behind its own stories (that's not a criticism of Fox only)
The meetings this week between Netanyahu and Obama will be interesting. Netanyahu has so much more experience in these matters over the years that he will educate Obama on a few things. I am of two minds on this - would like to avoid causing conflict by attacking Iran but given what the Iranian mad leader says about wiping Israel off the map you can see there side. If they get even one deliverable bomb then Israel is gone if you believe the mullahs. Of course there will be discussions behind the scenes we'll never know about such as whether we would tacitly support an Israeli attack. I think a lot of the Iranian people but their leadership is trying to get them all killed. Remember the Iranian leader has a vision of the final great conflict occurring on his watch that will launch the final Muslim or create the end of the world. Research shows that when people publicly say they are going to do something they often do it. Do we wait hoping it won't happen, until it does or take the chance?
I am of the opinion that if someone tells you they are going to kill you and they have the means to do so you take them serious and prevent it from happening. I hope Israel has the balls to protect themselves regardless of what the Obama administration has to say about it.

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